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Lambingan Teleserye GMA 7 Ika-6 na Utos:

Ika-6 na Utos (International title: A Woman Scorned Lit: Sixth Commandment)[1] is a Philippine television drama revenge series broadcast by GMA Network. Starring Sunshine Dizon, Ryza Cenon and Gabby Concepcion, it premiered on the network’s GMA Afternoon Prime line-up. It also airs worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV on December 5, 2016, replacing Oh, My Mama!.
The story of Ika-6 na Utos is about infidelity, adultery, covetousness, illegitimacy, lies, betrayal, selfishnes, revenge, parentage, sisterhood and friendship, matter of choices and crimes; but most especially, family, marriage and love that will prevail against all schemes and odds.
Since March 27, 2017, due to public demand and high ratings, Ika-6 na Utos extended its airing to six times a week, occupying the Saturday timeslot by Case Solved.

Ika-6 na Utos Cast

Ika-6 na Utos Cast

The story grossed the highest rating immediately after its debut. The show was allocated 6 shows a week due to its immense popularity on GMA 7. This happened after a very long time as none of the shows gained popularity of this extent. Most of the viewers of this show are teenagers and middle age men women. One of the many reasons for its fame is the core issue that revolves around domestic disturbances that is sadly a very common factor of breakup of marriages in Philippines. The settings and dialogues are perfectly blending with the story line. As this drama progresses further, GMA hopes that it will achieve a 10 plus seasons finale as the directors observe the demand of the growing audience.



Emma (Sunshine Dizon) is a loving and doting mother to Austin (Jacob Briz) and oversized housewife to Jerome (Gabby Concepcion) who just recovers from heartbreak due to the loss of his first wife, Lara (Karel Marquez) due to a car accident along with their daughter. Emma as a daughter-in-law suffers under the manipulative hands of Margarita (Carmen Soriano) due to her physical appearance and social class, Rome’s domineering and arrogant mother along with Zeny (Mel Martinez), the gay and opinionated righthand of Margarita. Jerome, a pilot who was cold and distant from Emma, meets Georgia (Ryza Cenon), the temptress who will be eventually his mistress. Georgia will do all to win Rome from Emma and uses her seductive charm to let Jerome fall. With Margarita’s supervision, Georgia will eventually win Rome temporarily due to her successful dark schemes especially a conspiracy night of Emma with Angelo (Mike Tan) the unrequited lover of Emma, are all of a sudden, slept on a same bed. This led to Rome and Emma’s separation.
Georgia on the other hand, plots to murder Emma together with her partners-in-crime, Selma (Arianne Bautista) and Dave (Marcus Madrigal); but Emma successfully escapes and seeks Angelo and his sister, Flor (Rich Asuncion) for help and revenge. Meanwhile, Jerome, Austin, Margarita, and Georgia rebrandishes life in the United States. Emma, now, a courageous and charming lady, seeks revenge after all the happenings in her life including when her father Noel (Pen Medina) left her mother Lourdes (Daria Ramirez) for a younger woman.
Georgia’s schemes will work as Jerome starts to despise his mistress. As well as Emma’s road for revenge to win back her beloved son and husband from her archenemy, Georgia. Angelo and Emma, now in a relationship, faces trials as when Jerome meets Emma again for a second time around, and learns that the love they had still exists as Angelo’s jealousy drove him to agree and be involved with Georgia’s wicked schemes. Flor, Emma’s bestfriend, will face trials under their friendship due to Emma not paying the love back for her brother that he deserves after all. Loleng (Odette Khan), the supportive to Emma along with Mando (Ollie Espino) and Vicky (Marife Necesito), staff in Fuentabella’s, will discover the plot of Georgia faking her pregnancy so that she will be successful in having a forced wedding with a doubtful Jerome.
After the death of Austin that was unintentionally caused by Georgia’s schemes and wickedness, Emma’s angst and rage against Georgia will grow wilder as Georgia and Emma becomes pregnant, with the same father which is Rome. Georgia’s baby was named Sydney who will eventually die due to her mother’s karma for attempting to kill Emma’s baby in a car collision. Georgia, determined and desperate to do everything to banish Jerome and Emma’s newly offspring, Milan (Angelica Ulip), steals the baby affer it was born, the same day it was allegedly Georgia’s delivery, seeks help for her schemes with Angelo as Angelo agreed out of his unrequited love for Emma. With the help of Selma, Georgia renames Milan as Sydney, and introduces her as their daughter, and of course, DNA test approves that Rome is the father of “Sydney”. Emma, devastated that her daughter Milan “died”, seeks comfort in the hands of Angelo and Jerome despises her for blaming her for what happened to Milan. On the other hand, Loleng evenually discovers that Sydney is Milan through the unintentional force of Dave and Brian. Georgia learns about this, and plots Dave to finish “Doña Consuelo” but Loleng suffers comatose and eventually selective amnesia but is alive.
Emma learns about her daughter that was “killed” by Georgia through a manipulated fire incident in the hospital where Emma delivers her baby through the scheming Brian who wants money for exchange, which leads Georgia to “tokhang” Brian with the help of Dave. This will lead to Emma, to commit herself justice for Milan but through Georgia’s manipulations, the law will order a ‘not guilty’ plead for Georgia. So when Noel, the comebacking, repentive, and now wealthy father of Emma, helps his daughter to take revenge to Georgia, and let Georgia suffer. Noel tortures Selma that will lead to Selma’s temporary hiding in Davao so that Georgia would be helpess but to return as a prostitute and a beggar. On the other hand, Geneva (Angelika dela Cruz), Georgia’s long-lost sister who just married a wealthy Japayuki in Japan, arrives in the Philippines to sort out her mistakes for her family and to reunite with her best friend-sister Georgia. Georgia, under a deep hatred for her sister, which will trigger Geneva to do everything to reminisce the good relationship they once had. Meanwhile, Geneva, the unrequited suitress of Angelo, learns that Angelo is under a relationship with Emma, her sister’s main nemesis. Geneva will do all to win Angelo and help her sister the road for revenge to Emma. Emma, breaking up with Angelo due to the returning love of the latter to Jerome and for Angelo spending a night with Geneva, drives Angelo for attempting to rape Emma. This will lead to Flor’s disgust to her brother and the hate of Emma to Angelo and will make Jerome have a fight with Angelo out of displeasing his fianceé.
In a scheme of Georgia, when Angelo repented and learned that Sydney is Milan, Georgia kills Angelo. Geneva, though being devastated, chooses to support her sister and frames up Jerome for the crime he never committed.

The presumed death of Jerome takes a toll on both Fuentabella and De Jesus families. While both families mourn for his loss and tries to move on with their lives, Georgia and Selma conspired to keep Jerome away from his family. The gunshot incident resulted in an oxygen depletion in the brain causing Jerome to forget his memory. Georgia took advantage of this, changing his identity to Jordan Francisco while she assumed the identity of Athena Francisco, his pretend wife. Emma then meets the Muller family, whom she mistaken as Milan’s adoptive family; wherein she will fall in love with Lyon (Zoren Legaspi), a widower and the adoptive father of Chelsea (Leanne Bautista), the alleged Milan. Meanwhile, Geneva continues to keep Sydney away from Emma and uses the child to fill the void of her loss son. As time passed by, Geneva discovered Georgia’s secret. Georgia plead to keep this secret, which in turn made Geneva an active accomplice. Jordan became a very successful chef, and quickly become friends with hotel owner Lyon. In many occasions, Jordan almost met Emma face to face but this is usually thwarted by Georgia. In an unexpected chance, Emma saw Jordan’s impromptu interview in TV. This prompted her to search Jerome’s look alike, believing a chance that Jordan might be her ex-husband.

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